See you at Greenbuild

Come and meet the ThinkingWISP team at Greenbuild, the region’s biggest green lifestyle event, being held at Felbrigg Hall, near Cromer, on 6 & 7 September.

With a wide range of exhibitors, Greenbuild showcases everything from renewable technologies to sustainable construction techniques and gives information on green building and renovation, gardening and saving energy.

On the ThinkingWISP stand you can benefit from FREE WiFi, discover if you can get connected to our fast, local broadband service and discuss the benefits of broadband to the environment.

Jon Clemo, CEO of Norfolk RCC, who are one of the organisations behind ThinkingWISP, said:  “Broadband has huge potential to reduce the use of cars, particularly for people in rural areas. This is an opportunity to save costs for people, alongside reducing CO2 emissions and providing better access to services.”

With road transport accounting for 31% of Norfolk’s total CO2 emissions broadband clearly has a big part to play in helping the environment.  In fact, a study by FTTH Council Europe claimed that high quality broadband services can save up to the CO² equivalent of driving a car for 4,600 km per year – for every household!

More homes and businesses get connected

More Norfolk homes and businesses which were struggling in ‘internet not spots’ can finally get the  broadband they need after ThinkingWISP installed  new masts to deliver their wireless internet service in the Bunwell, Long Stratton and Easton areas.

Thanks to continual investment and demand ThinkingWISP is now available in more than 90% of Norfolk as well as much of Waveney.

“ThinkingWISP was launched two and a half years ago in the Aylsham area to deliver much needed broadband in rural areas and the service has expanded rapidly due demand.  I am delighted that homes and businesses in the Bunwell, Long Stratton and Easton area can now benefit,” said Norfolk RCC Chief Executive, Jon Clemo.

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Rural broadband failing to deliver

The need for better rural broadband has been underlined by a Norfolk Rural Community Council poll.

A recent survey has found that 84% of respondents have a lack of broadband access which they consider insufficient/a problem, with only 4% saying that they were ‘well connected with good access to services and communications linking people to jobs, health and other services.’ More than 60% of respondents said that lack of broadband was an ‘important’ or ‘very important’ issue.

Wireless internet provider ThinkingWISP could help. The service delivers reliable broadband across 90% of Norfolk and much of Waveney and as the broadband is broadcast wirelessly and picked up using a small aerial, homes and businesses can benefit even if their location means that their current internet speed is very slow.

ThinkingWISP offers a choice of home and business packages ranging from 3 to 10Mbps from just £15.99 per month.  The internet speeds are not ‘up to’ speeds, but actual speeds which will be received, which is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. A BT line is also not required, giving a further opportunity to save line rental costs.

One Anglia Farmers member who is benefiting from ThinkingWISP is former AF director, Jim Alston, who farms in Calthorpe, North Norfolk. Before signing up to ThinkingWISP Jim received an internet speed of just 1Mbps but with ThinkingWISP he now reliably receives an internet speed of 6 Mbps.

Jim said: “The speed and reliability of my broadband connection is much improved with ThinkingWISP. Slow internet is no longer a problem with ThinkingWISP and I would recommend it to other members.  It’s been a reliable service and works at a speed that means we can do everything we need to on the internet.”

ThinkingWISP helps village get re-connected

Rural broadband provider ThinkingWISP has stepped in to re-connect a village which was without internet connection for more than four weeks.

Some 200 people in Lyng, Norfolk, had been unable to access broadband since the middle of May and while a replacement service was in place, it was so slow that many people could not even open or send an email.

ThinkingWISP stepped in and purchased the assets so that it could help to get the villagers back online.

ThinkingWISP’s Steve Temple said: “We put in a mobile mast to run a temporary feed until the fibre connection gets back online. We have been working hard to reconnect these people as quickly as we can.”

ThinkingWISP is a next generation wireless internet service provided by Norfolk RCC, AF Affinity and InTouch Systems. It offers a fast way to connect to the internet without the speed, cost or service restrictions of traditional solutions. As it is wireless, you can even benefit if your current internet speed is very low because of where you live.

ThinkingWISP covers 90% of Norfolk and does not require a landline.

We will be writing to all the customers next week with new DD forms and any other relevant information.


ThinkingWISP delivers an effective internet alternative

ThinkingWISP is receiving praise from its growing number of customers across Norfolk and north Suffolk.

Charlie Mack, who is an agricultural consultant for Brown and Co, installed ThinkingWISP at his farmhouse in Hempstead, near Holt, in March and has been delighted with the service.

Charlie said: “The wired broadband I was getting through Sky delivered just 0.4Mbit/s, which meant that I couldn’t use the internet efficiently.  With ThinkingWISP I get a good connection and have opted for the 3 Mbit/s package.

“Installation was convenient and the engineers did a good job. My internet service has improved a lot and I can now stream sports, watch YouTube and use the internet more efficiently on a day-to-day basis. I am very pleased with the service, its good value for money, and I would recommend it to anyone in the rural community.”

Paul Mace is another customer who has had ThinkingWISP installed at his home in Thurlton, near Loddon, recently.  Paul said: “I used to get less than 1Mbit/s of internet speed in one room of my house but with ThinkingWISP I get 3Mbit/s and could have opted for a faster package.”

“Due to the improvement in internet speed, ThinkingWISP could enable people to work from home when this may not have been an option before.”

“I have recommended ThinkingWISP to other people in rural locations because being a long way from an exchange means that you are hugely disadvantaged.  ThinkingWISP cuts out that problem and doesn’t rely on a landline.  This enables you to have speeds that are enough to make significant improvements.”

Due to the need for fast, local broadband ThinkingWISP, which was launched in the Aylsham area a little over two years ago, has steadily expanded and now covers 90% of Norfolk, as well as much of Waveney (see coverage map on this website.)

Start benefiting today from just £15.99 per month.

Now covering 90% of Norfolk

Thanks to new masts, ThinkingWISP is now able to provide fast, local broadband across 90% of Norfolk, allowing even more homes and businesses to benefit.

As it is a wireless system, you can benefit even if location means that your current internet speeds are very slow. A BT line is also not required, giving a further opportunity to save line rental costs.

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Are you in our expanded coverage area?

*Provision of service is subject to site survey.  Although we try to make our maps as accurate as possible, the information is only a guide and doesn’t guarantee service availability in a particular location.

New masts for broadband service

More masts extend the reach of fast broadband in Norfolk

Two new masts have extended coverage of high-speed, rural broadband across west Norfolk and into Cambridgeshire.

The new ThinkingWISP masts in Outwell, near Wisbech, and at Gayton, near King’s Lynn, mean that homes and businesses in the area can benefit from fast broadband.

ThinkingWISP provides broadband packages to suit a range of residential and business needs. The fast broadband service uses existing commercial masts and is now available across 90% of Norfolk and is extending into Suffolk.

The system uses wireless technology to transmit an internet connection, which is picked up by customers using a small aerial.

As it is a wireless system, homes and businesses can benefit even if location means that current internet speeds are very slow. A BT line is also not required, giving a further opportunity to save line rental costs.

The service offers speeds from 3 to 10Mbps and those are not ‘up to’ speeds, but actual speeds which will be received, which is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Are you in our expanded coverage area?

*Provision of service is subject to site survey.  Although we try to make our maps as accurate as possible, the information is only a guide and doesn’t guarantee service availability in a particular location.

Broadband essential for latest consoles and devices

New generation games consoles as well as tablets and smart phones all have features that require broadband to work but many homes in Norfolk and Waveney are missing out because they are in internet ‘not spots’.  ThinkingWISP may be able to help.

“Broadband is the new batteries, easy to overlook but something you need in order to get the most from many of the most popular devices. Many homes in Norfolk and Suffolk risk missing out because they have insufficient internet speed.  Local internet provider – ThinkingWISP – can help by delivering fast, reliable broadband wirelessly to homes in internet ‘not spots’,” said Jon Clemo at Norfolk Rural Community Council, one of the organisations behind ThinkingWISP.

The new generation games consoles  – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – have increased capacity for online gaming – where multiple gamers from around the world play each other over the internet.  According to the 2013 State of Online Gaming Report, released by Spil Games, there are now 700 million online gamers worldwide and it is one of the most popular online activities, just behind watching videos online.  The report also showed that the pastime was attracting an increasingly diverse range of people and ages – with 46% of online gamers being woman.

Steve Temple from InTouch Systems – who deliver ThinkingWISP in partnership with the Norfolk Rural Community Council and AF Affinity (a subsidiary of Anglia Farmers) – said: “The way people play computer games has changed from playing on your own to a much more inclusive experience playing multiplayer games with friends and others from around the world.

“In order to enjoy online gaming to its full potential, with a smooth and instantaneous connection, a reliable internet service, with a low ping speed, is compulsory. Due to the intricate way modern games consoles work, regular updates are also required and fast internet speeds are necessary to do this quickly and efficiently as well as to download games.

“Many homes simply do not receive the necessary internet speed required by modern games consoles.  However ThinkingWISP can help by delivering a reliable connection across much of Norfolk and Waveney. ”

ThinkingWISP beams radio waves from a transmitter at Norwich Airport to masts at Aylsham and Wymondham (which was installed just two months ago). Transmitters on the mast and repeater stations then broadcast the signal in all directions, which is picked up by customers using small aerials attached to their property.

Unlike systems using copper cables, the signal doesn’t degrade with distance, providing high quality, fast broadband to homes and businesses wherever they are within the service area. The service uses very low contention rates (the number of people who share the same bandwidth) to ensure customers receive a consistent, high speed service.

Four service packages are available ranging from 3mb ‘Home’ to 10mb ‘Business Plus’, with prices starting from £15.99 per month. The service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The system relies on ‘line of sight’ to the transmitter and ThinkingWISP will confirm that customers will be able to receive wireless broadband before installation.

For more information call 01603 558001.

Ten-fold extension to coverage marks two years of success

A ten-fold increase in coverage area has marked a successful second anniversary for ThinkingWISP.

More homes and businesses than ever before are now benefiting from ThinkingWISP’s wireless technology.

The service was first launched in the Aylsham area in November 2011.Now after two years, the area covered by the service has extended from a 10km radius around Aylsham to a 100km radius covering much of north, mid and south Norfolk, and into Waveney.

Last month, ThinkginWISP installed a new mast at Wymondham which saw its service extend into Attleborough, Wymondham, Hethersett and Long Stratton.

ThinkingWISP is also celebrating its second anniversary by joining forces with another local initiative – Norwich-based Mustard TV – and will be sponsoring the features channel.

Norfolk RCC Chief Executive Jon Clemo said: “The first two years of ThinkingWISP have been successful, benefiting many rural homes and businesses. We hope to continue to expand the service over the coming months so that more communities will be able to access reliable rural broadband.

“We’re also delighted to be working with Mustard TV. We believe that Mustard TV shares many of the ideals of ThinkingWISP as we’re both committed to providing a high quality service with a local twist.”

New mast extends coverage from ThinkingWISP

More homes and businesses can benefit from fast, local broadband now that ThinkingWISP has installed a new mast in Wymondham, Norfolk.

The area covered by the new mast, which includes Attleborough, Wymondham, Hethersett and Long Stratton, is shown below:

Wymondham mast

Anyone who has already contacted ThinkingWISP to express an interest in accessing faster local broadband for a home or business in the area covered by the new mast will be contacted shortly.