ThinkingWISP helps village get re-connected

Rural broadband provider ThinkingWISP has stepped in to re-connect a village which was without internet connection for more than four weeks.

Some 200 people in Lyng, Norfolk, had been unable to access broadband since the middle of May and while a replacement service was in place, it was so slow that many people could not even open or send an email.

ThinkingWISP stepped in and purchased the assets so that it could help to get the villagers back online.

ThinkingWISP’s Steve Temple said: “We put in a mobile mast to run a temporary feed until the fibre connection gets back online. We have been working hard to reconnect these people as quickly as we can.”

ThinkingWISP is a next generation wireless internet service provided by Norfolk RCC, AF Affinity and InTouch Systems. It offers a fast way to connect to the internet without the speed, cost or service restrictions of traditional solutions. As it is wireless, you can even benefit if your current internet speed is very low because of where you live.

ThinkingWISP covers 90% of Norfolk and does not require a landline.

We will be writing to all the customers next week with new DD forms and any other relevant information.


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