More homes and businesses get connected

More Norfolk homes and businesses which were struggling in ‘internet not spots’ can finally get the  broadband they need after ThinkingWISP installed  new masts to deliver their wireless internet service in the Bunwell, Long Stratton and Easton areas.

Thanks to continual investment and demand ThinkingWISP is now available in more than 90% of Norfolk as well as much of Waveney.

“ThinkingWISP was launched two and a half years ago in the Aylsham area to deliver much needed broadband in rural areas and the service has expanded rapidly due demand.  I am delighted that homes and businesses in the Bunwell, Long Stratton and Easton area can now benefit,” said Norfolk RCC Chief Executive, Jon Clemo.

Contact ThinkingWISP now to see if you can benefit.

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