Thinkingwisp ‘saves the day’ for JF Temple

Award winning north Norfolk farm and cheese producer – JF Temple – have secured the efficiency of their business with Thinkingwisp.

A reliable internet connection is essential for JF Temple & Son to do everything from paying their staff to taking online orders. And having been let down by their conventional internet connection they were delighted by the alternative provided by Thinkingwisp wireless broadband.

Director, Dr Stephen Temple, said: “Our farm has always been in a gap in internet coverage, which is frustrating as a lot of what we do relies on the internet. While our farm cottage was getting speeds of 3-4MB on one side of the road our farm office was only receiving 0.5MB on the other side of the road.

“Two-and a-half years ago we improved the internet at our farm office by installing a second phone line but it still only delivered 2MB, so we decided to look into a faster service for the future.”

“We first discovered Thinkingwisp at the GreenBuild renewables event and while we were impressed by it at the time a signal wasn’t available in our area. Thankfully AF’s Thinkingwisp co-ordinator, Zoe Courtney, contacted us in the autumn to let us know that a new mast had been installed and we could now receive the service.”

Shortly after Stephen decided to opt for Thinkingwisp the service ‘saved the day’ by fast tracking its installation after J F Temple & Son was cut off from the internet, causing major problems for the business.

Stephen said: “The internet connection was cut off after the cable serving most of the village was accidently cut by workman, who were unable to reconnect us for more than a month due to technical issues.”

“This meant that we had no broadband which was a serious issue for our business. Without an internet connection we were unable to pay our staff’s wages (due to the new Real Time Information payroll regulations), register our calves or pay invoices through Sales Order Processing and Farm Business Manager. We were also unable to remotely control our AD plant and were missing out on online orders for our cheese business. We couldn’t even get a signal on our mobile phones as reception at our farm relies on a Vodafone Sure Signal booster that needs to be connected to the internet,” he added.

Thankfully Thinkingwisp stepped in by fast tracking their installation service.

Stephen said: “We are very pleased with Thinkingwisp, which is more than twice as fast as the speed we had before and consistently delivers 6MB download speed. It’s good to know we have a connection we can rely on, which is critical to our business.”

Tom added: “With the new internet connection things are quicker and less frustrating. This is particularly useful for farm packages like Gatekeeper, which rely on regular updates and online backup.”

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