ThinkingWISP delivers an effective internet alternative

ThinkingWISP is receiving praise from its growing number of customers across Norfolk and north Suffolk.

Charlie Mack, who is an agricultural consultant for Brown and Co, installed ThinkingWISP at his farmhouse in Hempstead, near Holt, in March and has been delighted with the service.

Charlie said: “The wired broadband I was getting through Sky delivered just 0.4Mbit/s, which meant that I couldn’t use the internet efficiently.  With ThinkingWISP I get a good connection and have opted for the 3 Mbit/s package.

“Installation was convenient and the engineers did a good job. My internet service has improved a lot and I can now stream sports, watch YouTube and use the internet more efficiently on a day-to-day basis. I am very pleased with the service, its good value for money, and I would recommend it to anyone in the rural community.”

Paul Mace is another customer who has had ThinkingWISP installed at his home in Thurlton, near Loddon, recently.  Paul said: “I used to get less than 1Mbit/s of internet speed in one room of my house but with ThinkingWISP I get 3Mbit/s and could have opted for a faster package.”

“Due to the improvement in internet speed, ThinkingWISP could enable people to work from home when this may not have been an option before.”

“I have recommended ThinkingWISP to other people in rural locations because being a long way from an exchange means that you are hugely disadvantaged.  ThinkingWISP cuts out that problem and doesn’t rely on a landline.  This enables you to have speeds that are enough to make significant improvements.”

Due to the need for fast, local broadband ThinkingWISP, which was launched in the Aylsham area a little over two years ago, has steadily expanded and now covers 90% of Norfolk, as well as much of Waveney (see coverage map on this website.)

Start benefiting today from just £15.99 per month.

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