Thinkingwisp – delivering internet to the missing 10%

Norfolk celebrated a £17.9 million Better Broadband for Norfolk deal this week, which will see 90% of the county receiving fast fiber broadband.  But what about the remaining 10% of the county who will miss out at a time when internet access is essential to every aspect of business and home life? 

Thinkingwisp is providing the solution.  As the service is wireless, homes and businesses can benefit even if they are in an area that will not benefit from the Better Broadband for Norfolk programme. 

Award winning north Norfolk farm JF Temple & Son, who are also well known for producing Mrs Temples Cheese, are one company who have secured the efficiency of their business with Thinkingwisp.

A reliable internet connection is essential for JF Temple & Son to do everything from paying their staff to taking online orders. And having been let down by their conventional internet connection, which was cut off for more than a moth due to damaged lines, they were delighted by the alternative provided by Thinkingwisp wireless broadband.

Stephen said: “We are very pleased with Thinkingwisp, which is more than twice as fast as the speed we had before and consistently delivers good download speed.  It’s good to know we have a connection we can rely on, which is critical to our business.”

Thinkingwisp is a member of the Digital Divide campaign which continues to fight for better connectivity in rural areas and to demand faster improvements. The group, who visited Westminister in September, is led by Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman and partners include Anglia Farmers, the CLA, the NFU, the Federation of Small Businesses and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

A full case study on JF Temple & Son will be posted soon.

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