Government minister promises superfast broadband for rural Norfolk homes by 2020

At a village hall meeting in Norfolk recently, asked how important it was to the government that rural homes were connected, Digital Minister Matt Hancock said: “We think it is critical…everybody needs to have broadband and broadband is vital.”  (EDP 24 Feb 2018).

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The assurances fall in line with the Universal Service Obligation of access to superfast broadband announced by the government last year, which gives people a legal right to superfast broadband.

And Environment minister Michael Gove spoke of concerns about lack of broadband at a national farmers’ conference. Highlighting it as being “of critical interest and vital benefit” he stated that the £60 billion bill from the HS2 rail project is “30 times as much as it would cost to provide universal superfast broadband” adding “Surely investment in broadband is just as vital and urgent a part of improving our critical national infrastructure?”

Fast broadband is important to individuals, families and businesses who live in areas not yet reached by conventional networks – and great efforts are being made to roll out fast broadband across Norfolk – but what can those without do in the meantime?

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