Slow broadband or no broadband at all….?

We hear a lot in the media about broadband in some parts of the country being very slow.

But many places in Norfolk can’t get any broadband at all.

Households and businesses in every Norfolk community know that faster, reliable internet connections are important to personal and workplace communications. Just as new roads, sea routes, railways and air travel opened up new markets and economic opportunities in previous centuries, the 21st century trade route is the internet. Commendably, the Better Broadband for Norfolk campaign has taken superfast from 42% of homes and businesses in 2012 to 88%.

That still, however, leaves a core of localities who cannot receive broadband at all.

ThinkingWISP is the answer for many. It uses radio waves, so consumers don’t need to wait for cable to reach their community. The signal starts with a high-speed fibre optic connection, which is then beamed via transmitter masts sited across Norfolk to small aerials affixed to the customer’s property. And the signal is encrypted, so data is safe.

Have a look at ‘How it works’ on our website. Then give us a call. to find out if ThinkingWISP can work for you.

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