Avoid the weak link – go ThinkingWISP!

Many areas of rural Norfolk are still in urgent need of acceptably fast and reliable internet access.

Your business might be needing to compete in national and international markets, your children have to do their homework on-line, or you might find that essential health and public service information is increasingly available only on the internet.

Government and local councils hope to connect 95% of Norfolk locations by 2020. That’s three years away, and at present just 87% of the county’s businesses and households are able to access super-fast broadband. A government minister recently said that how digital connections are achieved is less important than that they are achieved.

ThinkingWISP is the 21st century answer. ThinkingWISP transmits its broadband signal across and beyond Norfolk via a network of masts, It avoids the weak link in the chain – cables. So there’s no need to wait for the latest fibre cable to arrive at the end of your road; and you don’t even need a ‘phone landline.

Call us on 01603 558001 for more information. We’re here to help.

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