Go wire-less with ThinkingWISP

The government’s Broadband Universal Obligation aims for superfast broadband of at least 24 Mbps available to 95% of homes and businesses in the UK by the end of 2017 but, whilst efforts are being made to roll out broadband to all areas of Norfolk, it will take time – probably years.

You don’t have to gaze out of your window, however, watching for the long-awaited cable connection that never seems to arrive. ThinkingWISP doesn’t need cable, wires or micro-fibres. ThinkingWISP uses 21st-century wireless connectivity via an impressive network of masts, generating faster broadband speeds and banishing the weakest link in broadband delivery – the copper wire which joins the consumer’s home or business with the street cabinet.

So there is an easy and practical solution for many households and businesses in hard-to-reach parts of the county. Contact us to find out if ThinkingWISP could work for you.


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