Look – no wires with ThinkingWISP!

Broadband technology explained

Fed up with slow or non-existent broadband where you live or work?


Not all broadband is created equal – you get what you pay for. Providers often quote large download speeds that, frankly, under-perform because of the number of people sharing the bandwidth

Not long ago, the family computer would sit in a corner and be our sole gateway to the online world. Now, games consoles, phones, tablets, laptops and TVs use the internet. It all uses bandwidth. Well, we believe quality and reliability matter. ThinkingWISP guarantees 75% of the advertised speed even at peak times.

Save money

ThinkingWISP is wireless, so you don’t even need a landline! That’s a saving of £215 a year (based on BT’s £17.99 a month line rental price correct at Dec 2015). More and more people are ‘cord cutting’, using mobiles instead of landlines or internet-based systems like Skype.

21st Century technology

Unless you have cable or a very expense fibre connection,  the technology that connects you directly to the internet is still basically copper cables that date back to 1877. This was fine for crackly voice calls but just isn’t fit for purpose for information super-highway. As ThinkingWISP is wireless you don’t need cables.

Call 01603 558001, e-mail admin@thinkingwisp.co.uk or visit www.thinkingwisp.co.uk to find out more. 



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