How ThinkingWISP works

The whole system works using radio waves. A transmitter in Norwich, linked to a high speed fibre optic connection, beams the signal to masts throughout our service area. Transmitters on the masts then broadcast the signal in all directions allowing customers to use small aerials affixed to their property to connect to the internet. The signal is encrypted so all your data is safe.

Unlike copper cables the signal doesn’t degrade within the distances used, providing the same high quality service wherever you are within our service area.

Although the system requires line of sight the height of our masts and relative flatness of the area means there is excellent coverage, and we will confirm your reception before installing. There is also the ability to put in repeater units that allows the signal to pass round objects should you be tucked away.

To ensure you receive a high speed service all the time we use very low contention rates, this is the number of people you share your bandwidth allocation with.


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