Installs are going a pace

High quality broadband is about more than just speed. For those of us not interested in the techie side it’s about a product that works reliably and is easy to use.

That’s why when we do an installation it’s important that we leave you happy and with all your equipment functioning. The result is that you get fast, reliable, high quality broadband and we get some very nice letters of thanks that put a smile on our faces…..

“I would like to thank you and your splendid team… the equipment is working very well indeed.” John

“Having had to live with dial-up Internet access in our area up until now, ThinkingWISP is a great development for both business and personal use.” Graham

Service goes live at Spixworth

Attendees at the Spixworth Christmas fair were among the first to sample the ThinkingWISP fast, reliable and high quality broadband. As well as stands and leaflets we took with us a mobile receiver which meant residents could see exactly what they were getting 8mb/s on an 8mb/s service with fast page loads and almost instantaneous iplayer playback.  All in an area that according to speed test results at thinkbroadband struggles to just get a 2mb/s service.

The transmitter goes up!

Its September and after a year of hard work the main transmitters finally gets installed. The existing 43m mast is the perfect site for our main transmitters. Its height together with our 5.8Ghz Ofcom license help ensure maximum range and minimum interference. Four 90 degree sector antennas ensure 360 coverage with a second set installed at a 45 degree screw providing even better coverage and a safeguard against equipment failure.  Technical details aside the result is fast, reliable broadband for rural Norfolk!