Broadband essential for latest consoles and devices

New generation games consoles as well as tablets and smart phones all have features that require broadband to work but many homes in Norfolk and Waveney are missing out because they are in internet ‘not spots’.  ThinkingWISP may be able to help.

“Broadband is the new batteries, easy to overlook but something you need in order to get the most from many of the most popular devices. Many homes in Norfolk and Suffolk risk missing out because they have insufficient internet speed.  Local internet provider – ThinkingWISP – can help by delivering fast, reliable broadband wirelessly to homes in internet ‘not spots’,” said Jon Clemo at Norfolk Rural Community Council, one of the organisations behind ThinkingWISP.

The new generation games consoles  – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – have increased capacity for online gaming – where multiple gamers from around the world play each other over the internet.  According to the 2013 State of Online Gaming Report, released by Spil Games, there are now 700 million online gamers worldwide and it is one of the most popular online activities, just behind watching videos online.  The report also showed that the pastime was attracting an increasingly diverse range of people and ages – with 46% of online gamers being woman.

Steve Temple from InTouch Systems – who deliver ThinkingWISP in partnership with the Norfolk Rural Community Council and AF Affinity (a subsidiary of Anglia Farmers) – said: “The way people play computer games has changed from playing on your own to a much more inclusive experience playing multiplayer games with friends and others from around the world.

“In order to enjoy online gaming to its full potential, with a smooth and instantaneous connection, a reliable internet service, with a low ping speed, is compulsory. Due to the intricate way modern games consoles work, regular updates are also required and fast internet speeds are necessary to do this quickly and efficiently as well as to download games.

“Many homes simply do not receive the necessary internet speed required by modern games consoles.  However ThinkingWISP can help by delivering a reliable connection across much of Norfolk and Waveney. ”

ThinkingWISP beams radio waves from a transmitter at Norwich Airport to masts at Aylsham and Wymondham (which was installed just two months ago). Transmitters on the mast and repeater stations then broadcast the signal in all directions, which is picked up by customers using small aerials attached to their property.

Unlike systems using copper cables, the signal doesn’t degrade with distance, providing high quality, fast broadband to homes and businesses wherever they are within the service area. The service uses very low contention rates (the number of people who share the same bandwidth) to ensure customers receive a consistent, high speed service.

Four service packages are available ranging from 3mb ‘Home’ to 10mb ‘Business Plus’, with prices starting from £15.99 per month. The service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The system relies on ‘line of sight’ to the transmitter and ThinkingWISP will confirm that customers will be able to receive wireless broadband before installation.

For more information call 01603 558001.

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