ThinkingWISP delivers an essential service

Current broadband plans will be too late to help rural businesses, according to a new report, ‘Let’s Get Digital’, by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). A recent government spending review pushed back the broadband roll out deadline by two years, to 2017, when 95% of properties will receive the service – something the CBI say  our rural businesses cannot wait for. Homes and businesses in rural ‘not spots’ across much of Norfolk and Waveney can get the broadband speeds they need now with ThinkingWISP. This uses a small aerial to connect wirelessly to the internet, avoiding the speed and service restrictions of traditional solutions.

ThinkingWISP customer Fergus Anderson had our service installed at his home in Runham, said: “I used to get a very slow and unreliable broadband service of just 1.4mb/s through copper wires.  I swapped to ThinkingWISP for virtually the same price as I was paying my previous supplier and got four times the broadband speed (8mb/s). “I decided to install ThinkingWISP because I live in a rural location, 5-8km from my internet exchange, and my perception is that the conventional internet providers won’t be improving my service any time soon. I suspect that there are a lot of members in this position and I would recommend ThinkingWISP to them.” Fergus, who runs agricultural fencing supplier Farmbits, said: “Access to suitable broadband speeds is becoming increasingly important to  doing business in rural areas – whether filling in forms online or accessing paperless billing. “Farmbits has a policy of storing all of our data on a cloud based system so that it can be accessed from multiple locations, but only if there is good broadband access. With ThinkingWISP I can now access my cloud based system from home.”

ThinkingWISP offers a range of broadband packages, with speeds up to 10 Mbit/s. The service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you live in areas Norfolk and Suffolk and suffer from poor broadband call us today  01603 558001 or click here to register.

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