ThinkingWISP at GreenBuild – Building a Greener Future

ThinkingWISP will be at the Green Build Event, the regions biggest green lifestyle event, at Felbrigg Hall on the 7th and 8th September.

We believe that online technology offers a fantastic opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment, particularly in rural areas.

  • The use of services online can help reduce the need to travel, saving time, costs and limiting the need to use polluting cars.
  • Ordering products online and having them delivered or using collective purchasing can lower the number of vehicles on the road reducing both emissions and congestion
  • Communications technology can allow us to work from home, again reducing the need to travel and helping improve quality of life.

However, all of this requires high quality broadband in the first place and that’s where ThinkingWISP comes in to provide fast, local broadband.

Come along and say hi and don’t forget you can still get 2 months free broadband when you join ThinkingWISP.

More details about the event can be found here

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