George Bell very happy with first class service from ThinkingWISP

ThinkingWISP is committed to providing a high quality broadband service that’s why we are really pleased with the feedback from George Bell, who had ThinkingWISP installed at his home in Erpingham, near Aylsham, six weeks ago.

George said: “ThinkingWISP has been fantastic. Due to my rural location I used to get just 0.5mps of internet from BT
but with ThinkingWISP I get 7.8mps. I check the speed regularly online and it stays consistently at this speed with
no problems with the service.

“The engineers who installed ThinkingWISP were first-class and simply placed a receiver about half the size of a shoe box on a pole on the end of my barn. The receiver is not at all intrusive – in fact you would hardly notice that it was there.”

“Having a fast internet connection has made doing business a lot easier. I filed my online tax returns in about half the time that it took me before. I also get e-mailed a lot of large attachments for work and can open them almost instantly, where it used to take minutes before. Another advantage is being able to stream video for the first time.”

Unhappy with your broadband speed or the quality of service you are getting? Give us a call on 01603 558 001 to see if ThinkingWISP can help you.

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