ThinkingWISP Expands helping more people benefit from fast, reliable and high quality broadband

Building on our successful pilot project ThinkingWISP have expanded our network allowing more homes and businesses to benefit from fast, reliable and high quality broadband.

The map below shows our current service area. Search for your postcode to see if you are currently covered by our services.

Green is a good coverage area* with the red areas as currently borderline. However as we are adding new transmitters all the time the ‘green’ or serviced areas will develop and grow.

*Provision of service is subject to site survey. Although we try to make our maps as accurate as possible, the information is only a guide and doesn’t guarantee service availability in a particular location.

In our first survey customers rated ThinkingWISP’s services as 100% very good or excellent overall and 100% very good or excellent for support services. All respondents also said they would recommend the service to a friend.

We are able to offer speeds from 3 to 10mb/s. These aren’t ‘up to’ or burst speeds but the actual speeds you get and you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.

To find out more about ThinkingWISP and how you could benefit call 01603 558001 or visit

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